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Welcome to the Mens Equal Rights Group Victoria website

This is for Men who would like to stand up to the injustice caused to them by former wives, girlfriends and or partners.

In todays society many women use the court system & the police, to lie and for their own gain

They make out they are scared or males are using violence against them in some way.

Which turns out to be incorrect - however the courts believe them 95% of the time and side with them, Men do not get a fair say or hearing.

Children become a bargaining tool and their life is turned up side down in many cases & the male usually misses out on seeing their children.

Because of fake requests for intervention orders & perjury

Are You a Legitmate Male - who has been kicked in the guts by these women and courts

Time for All males to Stand up for their rights, justice and fairness

There is no doubt there is Males who treat women badly, however in our society, we have women who treat men badly and get away with it or try to justify their actions.

The Question is: What gives a women the right to strike, abuse, threaten a male , then lie and change the story to suit themselves

Lets rally & present our case outside the courts, in the media and across the country

That no longer are males going to accept unwanted court appearances, expensive solicitor costs, loss of income to attend court & the one sided view courts have against men

Do you agree - Lets All stand together for justice and fairness - its never to late - the right time is now - so men are on a even playing field.

 Also do not accept from other groups that it is always the males fault in relationships.

If you have any ideas & or are willing to show support for your fellow Australian

Contact us :

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